Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A New Spin on an Old Favorite

Visiting friends of JustAwesome’s mum last summer, I was overjoyed to be served a new (to me) incarnation of an old favorite. Egg salad. Thing is, I don’t like mayo. This version blew my socks off... I’ve enjoyed it all year. I share now.

Eggs, basil, tomato, arugula, s&p, whateverwhatever and good extra virgin olive oil. YUM! I love it. My whateverwhatever this time was cilantro (by accident, I was cutting it for dinner and tossed it in. Oops!) and some cayenne pepper. So fresh and light!

Be sure to send your loved one off to work with a potato hot dog bun and lettuce (or just lettuce if they’re counting POINTS). JA will also find fresh cut carrots (I cut carrots about twice a week so they’re easy to grab and go) and a side of asparagus (leftover from dinner). No dessert so she can have an excuse to run out for gelato in the afternoon.

Some things I’ve learned since I started cooking:
• Older eggs peel easier than new, farm fresh eggs. Good to know if you're making deviled eggs. Not so important for egg salad.

• If I wash and spin the lettuce right away, I’ll use the lettuce in more things. Don’t rip the lettuce, so you can use it as a wrap. I lettuce-wrap pretty much everything these days.

• Have 2 kinds of olive oil in the house. Both extra virgin, but one for everyday use, the other as more of a finishing oil. For the egg salad I used the good (read: expensive) one. If I was sautéing something, I’d use the other. Our cheap one is often the Whole Foods house brand called 365.


  1. Dude, I am the hugest fan of egg salad. Thank you for spending some time on that.

  2. This is great! I just discovered the older-eggs-peel-easier thing by accident, and since the eggs were from an excellent source, they were still very tasty. I like your plan-ahead tips. Also--I was expecting the whateverwhatever to be parsley -- have you tried that as well?

  3. Mmmparsley. Yeah, I didn't have any. I did have onions though, I guess I could've thrown some of those in. Or scallions. Actually, it is pretty tasty as is. I think because of the basil.

  4. Sometimes I make egg salad with greek yogurt and mustard. Also yummy.

  5. I suggest finely chopped onion and/or celery added to the chopped eggs, with salt and pepper, of course. And just in case some of your readers are really new at this sort of stuff, I highly recommend that the eggs be peeled after they are boiled for about 20 minutes. Peeling before boiling is not a good idea.