Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ramp it up! And, Dressing 2.

For the food snobs out there, I know, enough with the ramps. For everyone else though, they are a new and exciting, seasonal vegetable. Who doesn’t like some variety? As you can see from the link, ramps are wild leeks. They’re really flavorful.

The scene is pizza night, our house. Night number two of the dressing challenge for JustAwesome. We wanted to try a ramp pizza. But what cheese to use? Fortunately we are blessed with an amazing cheesemonger, Saxelby Cheese, a few blocks away at the Essex Street Market. We were steered towards a super stinky cheese called Fromage de Cow. Funky and AMAZING!! (Thank you, Anne!).

The salad was beautiful, though I can’t remember what kind of mix we got (from the Union Square Farmers’ Market). It had flowers and spicy arugula sprouts and whoknowswhatelse; there were at least 8 different types of leaves in it. Delicious. For the dressing, we went with a simple French dressing, posted as a comment by cousin Cath in Thoiry, France, which is about a half hour from Geneva. Cath is able to whip up amazing dressings without a thought. She has a real gift.

This is her recipe. (Thank you, Cath!)

French Dressing
3 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
2 tsp dijon mustard
1 tsp salt
lots of black pepper
Shake or whisk well.
Add honey or sugar to sweeten.


  1. The ramps & stinky cheese pizza is a yummy combo.

  2. Yumyum. So: pizza + beer or pizza + red wine? I see you've opted for both, but seriously, whatdoes Feral recommend?

  3. Beer, for sure. We try to go to the beer room at Whole Foods, for something on tap. We'll take you there when you come visit. I, however, often drink red wine. It fills me up less.

  4. Hey, this is the dressing my friend Kimber taught me. And she has never been to France. As far as I know.

  5. Ha ha. We only call it French because our cousins live in France, it it is their recipe.

  6. hi jodi
    i have a really easy and really yummy dressing. the key is finding very ripe avocados. they must be soft. you make a salad with whatever veggies and lettuce that you like. Add the acocado by scooping small bits onto the salad. add a nice olive oil and Maldon Salt. That is also a key ingredient. you can find it at whole foods or other schmancy food stores---swine fare is out, sorry. add pepper. That's it. Just mix the salad all together. I get people asking me for my salad dressing recipe all the time. so weird because there's nothing to it. maybe i shouls call it Lazy Girl Salad Dressing? or the Unsaladdressing dressing?

  7. Sounds good, Karen. We'll give it a go! We have Maldon.