Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Back on Track!

The last few days have been a little harder to stay on my Weight Watchers plan than usual.

On Friday night, we had cocktails at Savoy, mixed by our favorite bartender, followed by a fabulous meal at our favorite new restaurant, Torrisi. Torrisi has a prix fixe meal that is such a great deal and positively dreamy. You get EVERYTHING on the menu (but only one main). Check out at the menu, it changes daily. The warm mozzarella in olive oil and milk thistle cream should give you an idea. They make pretty much everything themselves. Get there early.

On Saturday I shoved these things down my throat: leftover pork chop for breakfast, oysters and beer, ice pop, soft shell crabs and a half dozen Trader Joe’s Macarons.

On Sunday we went to a 100th birthday party, for a house, not a person (Happy Birthday, 272!). The food was so yummy — little mac & cheeses in espresso cups (perfectly WW sized!), potato latkes, sliders, cupcakes, etc. Yum, yum and yum.

On Monday we went out again — cocktails, cheese & charcuterie plate, mains, no dessert. Place not good enough to share the links, but you get the idea. 3 days of non-WW’s eating, it is time to get back on track.

Which brings me to my post today…

This is a favorite lunch of mine that is super low in Points. Imitation crab meat salad wrapped in lettuce or nori or wasa bread. I cut up some onion, carrots & celery, sprinkled on some cayenne pepper and added a little Miso Mayo spread that I use because I hate mayo but the dish needs some glue. Satisfying and about 2 Points. It is a lunch that I get excited to eat. I love lunch.


  1. This looks delish. Perhaps I will try it today. In lieu of the onions, I like mine with teeny bits of chopped tomato. Good luck getting back on track!