Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Root

The other night I had a celery root pot pie with cheddar and whatssit(?). I remarked that the dish had one of my favorite tastes, but I wasn’t sure which ingredient I was diggin’. So JA picked up some celery root at the New Amsterdam Market on Sunday. Crazy lookin’ mutha! Also called celeraic, celery root is linktodescriptionhere. Please, I’m not a food expert...

We also picked up some amazing bread made with Six Point Ale. And some local cheese. And a new case arrived.

And today I made a simple potato, leek soup with celery root. And a side of spinach. We mixed the bread with olive oil and salt and toasted it in the oven. Larger slices we ate with the cheese and wine, smaller ones after with the soup. Delicious!

Did I like the celery root in the soup? Did it add anything? I think so. It is hard to tell. The soup felt like it had a depth that it doesn’t usually have but who can say? It was really, really good! Might’ve been good regardless. It wasn’t much of an effort to deal with the celery root—was just funny to look at. Would I do it again? Yes!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Xtra Ab-Normal

I made a movie to give you an inkling into JustAwesome’s life.

What do you obsess about?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Toot, toot!

JustAwesome had to work late. I decided I would eat some meat and maybe catch up on some Dexter episodes. As a side, I would make a spinach with sesame and garlic, which JA could eat—hot, warm, cold, whatever—whenever she got home.

• I couldn’t find the sesame seeds to toast.
• I used way too much oil.
• I used way too much soy sauce (why is there no spout thingy??).

And I could not get a nice photo. (Perhaps the director of photography can try one when she gets home? Probably not.)


But at least I got to eat some meat. A rarity in this house. And it smells really good in here.

Bad Behavior(s)

Still nothing doing at the Feral Casa. I know. WTF? And my scale has started screaming when I get on it. Hmm, what am I doing wrong?

• Should I not pretend it is snowing on a 60-someodd degree October day just so I can have fondue for dinner?

• Should I not drink a lovely bottle of wine with it? You know, the cheese might congeal in my stomach and kill me. I need that wine. It is a safety issue.

• Should I not try two new neighborhood restos in one weekend? Both were excellent. And I had to try lotsa things. I had to.


And I have nothing new to say about roasting veggies either. Except that they sure look more beautiful with the new camera. Nothing. Except that it was genius of me to roast extra potatoes and steam extra string beans last night. And it was genius of me to boil some eggs.

So today I’ll have a nice salad nicoise for lunch. With some fancy-ass tuna we brought home from Italy. And hopefully my scale will shut up.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Really, really good.

Not much is doing lately in the Feral Casa. We went away, ate a ton and came back craving home-cooked simple meals, and salads. Lots of veggies and salads. So I didn’t really have anything to say. But I really, really wanted to use our new camera. So, I took some photos of the lasagna that JustAwesome was making. Just to take some photos.

And then we ate the aforementioned, pre-photographed lasagna and it was really, really delicious. It is a riff on the Jamie Oliver's Simple Baked Lasagne which uses squash. That’s why we made it—a good use for squash. (We have reupped our Urban Organic box, for now, and are assuming we’ll get more squash than we know what to do with over the next few months.) Anyway, the recipe also calls for créme fraiche which is mixed with anchovies. Say what? Squash and anchovies in your lasagna? Yes! And it was sooooo good. The créme fraiche gave it an amazing creaminess, the anchovies gave it the meaty, smokiness. Served with much-needed salad, less-needed wine. Really, really good.