Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Comfort Food

I had a rotten day and I want comfort food. I want something creamy and warm. And plentiful. But I am trying to drop a few pounds and I swore to myself I wouldn’t be decadent on Tuesdays for a few weeks...

This is my favorite dish in the world right now. It is total comfort food. It is totally decadent. And guess what? Totally freakin’ healthy!

All of her dishes sound kind of disgusting. Official title: Black Pepper Tempeh (cauliflower rice*, garlic, ginger, natural cane sugar). Trust me, it is sooo good. Cauliflower, tempeh and coconut oil cooked with 15 cloves of garlic. Not 14, not 16. It is tempting to use a different amount but I’m afraid to change a thing.**

Except my mood.

Take that, Rotten Tuesday!

*The rice just refers to the size which you chop it. I like my chunks larger. **For some reason I second-guessed myself and did not include all of the cauliflower in the head. Big mistake. It threw off the balance of salty to sweet. But still delicious.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Reason #1473

Why I love working from home:


I don’t really have much to say. Just checking in to keep my Feral fans happy... In terms of learning to cook, honestly, this might be the second time in my life I’ve ever made bacon. I should really eat more meat. Sounds like a great resolution!

And, we are gearing up for pizza season at the Feral Casa. Very exciting!!