Sunday, April 24, 2011

Riding the Love Grain

I am not a very healthy eater. Inherently. Clue number one is that I probably wouldn’t just be learning how to cook now. I always thought my bent was a rebellion of sorts against my alfalfa-sprout-and-rice-cake childhood. Potato chips and beer for dinner. Mac and cheese. Chow fun.

But the truth is... I love grains. I love quinoa, farro, millet, bulgur, barley, buckwheat, whatever. Anything earthy. Love them. Prefer them.

Same thing with pasta. I love whole wheat pasta. I hear about people choking it down, trying to suffer through it. I don’t understand it. I love it. I prefer it. So maybe I am inherently healthy! Maybe I just don’t know it!

Tonight we made a large batch of Berley’s Quinoa Salad with sunflower seeds and hiziki (with a lime vinaigrette). Sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds. Corn, red onion (which he has you steam with the corn!), bell pepper, carrot, hiziki and radish (though we used edamame instead) and it was sooooo good. Really. Soooooo good. Swap this veg for that. This grain for that. A lot of prep work but sooooo worth it.

This salad has micro and macronutrients—whateverthoseare. Lotsa colors, which is important. Dunno, I think it is beautiful. It might end up being high in PointsPlus values (about 11?), but it fills me up. Tasty and filling. I always end up losing weight on the weeks we make these types of salads for lunches. And I need a little help this week after so much Easter candy this weekend.

I just can’t wait to eat it again. I love it. Prefer it.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Meringue Dance

Meringue in Borough Market, London

Not a lot of cooking these days—still recovering from a cheese-laden, beer & whiskey soaked vacation. But JustAwesome has started practicing making meringues for Passover. This batch was maybe a little too sweet and a little too soft* inside, but I still managed to eat about a half-dozen of them. I don’t know where the recipe came from, but I do know she is planning another batch before Monday. I have no idea what Passover meringues are supposed to be like but I doubt anyone will complain.

*I can’t believe I’m saying that. Usually meringues are too dry and I long for more of the gooeyness inside!