Monday, January 31, 2011

Shrimp Salsa. Or, Feral Uses the Food Processor

I think I’m crying from the onions. It might be that I’m mad at myself.

The plan was to make this simple
Shrimp Salsa from Pioneer Woman. Easy, chop, chop, done. Right? But before JustAwesome left for work she said, “Be careful with the food processor.” WHAT? I wasn’t planning on trying that crazy contraption on my own, not without a grownup present. Clearly it was a challenge.

Pioneer Woman’s Shrimpo de Gallo

Fast forward. Tears are pouring out of my eyes and instead of “Red Onion, Diced Finely,” I have onion soup mush and shrimp that I’m not even sure about*. What to do? Do I start over? I’d have to separate and re-rinse the shrimp, and use a yellow onion because I’m out of red. Or do I toss this crap out and move on?

I’ve decided to keep going. (And toss it out later if it is gross. When it is gross.) With my luck, I’ll touch my eyes with my jalapeño hands (I didn’t) and really have a good cry. How do I chop these things at around the same size when my onions are mush? Oy.

My Shrimpo de Gallo and
apologies to the Pioneer Woman.

The verdict? Not gross. Nothing I’d serve to company, but ok for alone snack. But now I have to clean the freakin’ food processor. (I know, it can go in the dishwasher). The results are no reflection on the recipe. Next time I’ll make by hand.

*I bought the shrimp already cooked from WFs. They taste salty. I rinsed them in cold water, hoping they’re ok. Never again. Lesson learned.


  1. Looks tasty!! (and you are so right - precooked shrimp is nasty - usually soggy too).

  2. Thanks, guys! *wiping tears away*

  3. I applaud your bravery. You fear no countertop appliance.

  4. This was much better than I thought when I first tried, despite the onion mush. Again, wasn't thrilled with the shrimp. The olives were an interesting touch. Definitely different—a bitter touch of salt. Not sure if I'd put them in next time or not.

  5. 1. put onions in the freezer for a minute or two before slicing or cutting or chopping and "no more tears".

    2. never put the motor part of the food processor in the dishwasher.

    3. you may have invented a recipe for shrimp patties.