Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year!

Welcome back, Feral readers. I hope you had tons of decadent times—eating, drinking and being merry—I certainly did. I’m ready to stop the constant party, if you want to know the truth. I crave vegetables.

I have a few New Years’ resolutions:

First: we ate with friends at their apartment and were served a warm salad. What? I want in. Please. Tell me about your favorite warm salad and I’ll try it. I love salad. This is blowing my mind. I have none in my repertoire.

The night my world was rocked

Second: we got a food processor. We watched the DVD and are raring to go. What to make, what to make? (No seriously, what should we make?)

Third: get real. Two is enough. I don’t want to set myself up for defeat! And I want to have a great year... I loved 2010. Let’s see if we can top that!

A happy and a healthy to all!


  1. Happy New Year to you too! I have a feeling that 2011 is going to be even better!
    Sorry, I have nothing to offer as far as warm salad is concerned. But I do have a food processor! It's great for doing jobs like chopping, grating. mixing. slicing. Fast for preparing ingredients for soups and sauces.
    The best thing I've made yet in mine was a pâté but I don't think that Just would like it as it's made with chicken bits.

  2. Dooooood.

    Food processor:

    -romesco sauce!
    -this really cool dip made of walnuts, red pepper, lemon juice, garlic
    -tomato sauce: I puree a can of chopped tomatoes, and then add garlic, basil and s&p...warm it up on the stove
    -nut butter (out of nuts)
    -pie crust dough
    -the best stuffed shells: process ricotta with a ton of any greens, especially spinach, to make the filling super veggie-rich while also silken-textured

  3. Mmmmmchickenbits! I love pâté but I love typing accent marks more! We’ve done a hummus using the pressure cooker AND the food processor. A dual-machine hummus. Thank goodness the dishwasher washes all the food processor bits! Mmmmmfoodprocessorbits!

  4. California roll salad is a bit of a warm salad, as is hwe dup bap...

  5. Hwe put dup bap in dup bap dup bap bap?

  6. Food processor is great for slaws, or stir fry's. Or any kind of potato or squash fritter/pancakes kinda thing. I'm really into warm salads too right now, like this a salad,
    it's turkey bacon and brussel sprouts, delish.
    I also like doing dinosaur kale and dried cranberries and quickly sauteing till warm, can add orange or fennel too.