Monday, January 17, 2011

Mini Pizzas with Mini Me(s)

I don’t see what the big deal is about kids. They’re so easy! Honestly, I've never watched my niece and nephew (age 5) before, not even for a half hour, so I was a little nervous. And they were so excited—asking my sister about when they were coming—everyday. For weeks. My feeling? They were going to disappointed. Very disappointed. Too much build up. It was their first sleepover, would there be tears in the night?

Ride subway to Jacque Torres for hot chocolates (we spoke to a police officer on the platform)
Play with Scout the dog
Play wii
Make pizza*
Do arts/crafts
Read Beezus and Ramona
Go to sleep
Make Batter Blasters pancakes (letters and shapes are hard!)
Walk dog
Play in Playground (awesome one on Hester St)
Eat dumplings
Go home
Play wii again
Say goodbye
Take nap

*I gave them 3 choices for dinner: liver and onions, anchovy soup, or pizza


  1. They had the best time!!! They didn't tell me about the liver and onions.

    Oh, and I hope you enjoyed your (well-deserved) nap!

  2. Wait, now this sounds like a schedule I want to be on. I can do this. Yes I can.