Monday, September 13, 2010

The Works

With less than 10 days until we go on what will undoubtably be a gluttonous trip, I have got to get serious about my waistline.

Tonight I did a ton of prep: I made my famous egg salad (for tomorrow’s lunch). I made a WW’s cabbage and carrot salad to have as sides for a few days (ugly but tasty). I roasted some brussels sprouts and carrots, like I always do. I cut up celery (peanut butter? hummus?). I cut up carrots (I do not like pre-cut carrots. Blech). I washed the lettuce (keeping the leaves whole to use as wraps). I made a salad (to eat for tonight’s dinner with canned salmon and a crusty bread from the New Amsterdam Market).

And then I remembered: I had some uncooked kale that I hadn’t used, already cut up and ready to go... Roasting pan was out from the brussels sprouts and calling my name. WOO HOO! Kale chips!! They were so tasty! I just put olive oil and salt on them and laid in a single layer. Better recipe here.


And then I thought: Why not eat it all for dinner? At once! I must be some kind of genius.

The Works

So we had: Salad with salmon (with a homemade mustard dressing), crusty bread with homemade pesto, cabbage and carrot salad, roasted brussels sprouts and carrots, and kale chips. With homemade seltzer! A weird mix, but it all worked. And a sensible Weight Watchers meal, I think.

JustAwesome is in the kitchen, right this minute, preparing this panade from The New York Times Magazine. How many POINTS is that? OY! Seriously, I can’t wait!


  1. Now that's a dinner! Sounds wonderful. I checked out that Panade recipe and saved it. I like everything about it.

  2. Your dinner sounds so good. I had kale chips once and they gave me unbelievable gas. I'm afraid to try again unless I know I'll be home alone all weekend. Like that ever happens.

    And the panade--hoo boy. It could be WW-ified, if you used skim milk, less cheese, less bread....Here's another NYTimes baked pot-o-goo, one of my all-time favorites.

  3. The panade was delicious!! We did WW-ify it a little. 1 Tbsp of butter (instead of 6!) and no heavy cream. Also, it takes 6 cups of milk. We went 4 cups fat-free and 2 cups of 2%. It didn't taste like it needed to be richer. Honestly, I don't use fat-free and diet products but this recipe called for such a large amount of stuff... We figured it is 8 servings, not 6. So each portion is only 8 points. Serve with salad. A good meal.