Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Brooklyn Kitchen

I feel like I’ve let my 12 fans down, but the truth is, we just haven’t been cooking that much here in the Feral Casa. We had 2 cousins in (separately) from across the pond, other friends in from out of town. And work. Busy, busy, busy. We made pizza one night. Note to selves: egg can slide right off pizza and into oven. Use less wrist action. With pizza leftovers we made our favorite Jamie Oliver baked pasta with tomatoes and mozzarella dish and a yummy potato and leek omelet. But mostly we’ve been out...

So I took a Homemade Tofu making class last night at Brooklyn Kitchen. I made a soft tofu custard (among other things) that was very simple and delicious. Will try again at home.

If you haven’t been to Brooklyn Kitchen, go. Right now. The classes are very cheap. Sometimes they serve beer. It is a beautiful place, with beautiful supplies. And beautiful meat. If you eat meat.

Other classes we’ve taken there: Pressure Cooker and Ricotta Making with the Salvatore Ricotta Girls. (If you haven’t had this, go. Right now. Try the smoked version. Anne sells it.) Yum and yum.

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