Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Great Scape

I love seasonal veggies and crazy lookin’ scapes excite me. They grow from the tops of garlic plants—a deliciously mild and tasty by-product. They taste fresh and bright. They’re extremely versatile.

I like to make them into pesto and it is not your Momma’s (or step-momma’s) 80’s-style pesto. All you really need are scapes. Forget the basil. Forget the pine nuts, and obviously, forget the garlic. Actually, some people use almonds or pine nuts, but I’m something of a purist. I keep it simple.


Olive oil

Parmesan or Pecorino

A little lemon

Sea Salt

Or, you can roast them. Or just cut them up and add to a salad. Or in mashed potatoes. Or...

Dorie Greenspan freezes the pesto until the tomato season. She says they’re “stupendous together”. Mmmm!! Check out her link to see how she stores it and for more details on what scapes are, what to do with them and what they taste like.

Oh man, I wish we were making pizza tonight. What cheese goes with scape?


  1. You're right -- the pesto would be great on a pizza.

  2. I just had on a baguette from Pain D'Avignon (super yum!) with organic pea shoots and some course salt...

  3. I made some of this a few years ago and it was too intense and raw garlicky for me. If I try it again I might roast the scapes first.
    As for cheeses mozzarella would be good. I wonder how something more flavorful like Havarti or Gouda would be.

  4. Jodi, you are TOTALLY my veggie guru. I have never had scapes before but now they are on my 'to try' list - thanks!

  5. YAY, The Kara!! Try 'em. Worst case scenario: you don't like them. If too strong, either add nuts to pesto or roast.

    Dorie Greenspan did a new scape post earlier this week.

  6. Dear Feral,

    In awe of your scapescapades, I write with a question.

    My Purple Dragon box arrived today (actually I sorted it myself) and there's a whole bunch of collards. Any suggestions?

    There's also Romano beans and English peas. I might enjoy those raw.

  7. Mmmm! Cut them into small pieces, I take off the stem. Sauté with garlic. Longer than kale. Or make lunch muffins!!