Thursday, April 8, 2010

Not Your Mother’s Pressure Cooker

JustAwesome recently took a pressure cooker class at the totally awesome Brooklyn Kitchen and came home super-excited and skipping. I was less excited. What’s in it for me?

She made a chickpea curry, a lentil/veggie/rice dish, some veggie stock, a risotto and best of all, a mashed potato and kale dish without all of the bad stuff. It was all yummy. And all very fast. Great lunches and sides. People have a bad reaction when you say ’Pressure Cooker’ – apparently these were scary contraptions once upon a time. Not now.

Tonight we cooked dried chickpeas, in almost no time at all. Well, some time, but not a lot of time. Then we followed the Bittman recipe for hummus using garlic from last night’s roast fest. Smeared on some rye bread from Pain D’Avignon (from the ever improving Essex Street Market). Some course salt. How delightful to have this warm. I don’t think I’ve ever had it warm before. And the bread was really excellent.

Also exciting on the Lower East Side is Seward Park Housing’s very own Hester Street Fair, which starts on April 24-25, which is being billed as Manhattan’s Brooklyn Flea. You can thank me for the Luke’s Lobster rolls when you see me. (I told them about the Fair, for my own selfish reasons.) I’ll take payment in rolls. In the meantime, I'll be eating hummus. Warm.

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