Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Dressler, Ghetto-style

One of our favorite brunch spots in NYC is Dressler’s in Williamsburg. It is an easy walk from our house, beautiful décor, scrumptious food, great service and it has outdoor seating so Scout enjoys it, too.

I almost always order The Dressler: 2 poached eggs, potato galette, smoked salmon, crème fraiche, hollandaise, herbs, home fries & greens. Yum!

I decided to give this a whirl at home, sans creme fraiche & hollandaise, fresh herbs (JZ! I need some cuttings!) & home fries (too hot!). I used frozen potato pancakes (Dr. Praeger’s) and nova from Russ & Daughters, eggs, butter lettuce and some pea sprouts.

My Dressler

The Verdict: eh. But that’s the point of this blog, I’m just learning how to cook. The pancakes were mushy (JustAwesome called them “The Weak Link”), the eggs were overdone. Try, try again. That’s ok. JA also said, “This is pretty damn good, Baby!” And that, my friends, is the whole damn point.

What The Dressler SHOULD look like
(stolen from someone else’s blog)


  1. Looks pretty damn good to me. Come and practice all you like at our house. How did you do the eggs?

  2. Well, we have these little cups that you put them in (with salt & vinegar) so maybe we just overcooked them. The other way is that you spin the water and drop them in... Oddly, our first ones ever were perfect. You HAVE to try an egg on pizza. So good.

    Which reminds me: check out this pizza supply store. If you want anything that we can carry on when we come to France. I doubt they ship internationally.