Monday, October 18, 2010

Toot, toot!

JustAwesome had to work late. I decided I would eat some meat and maybe catch up on some Dexter episodes. As a side, I would make a spinach with sesame and garlic, which JA could eat—hot, warm, cold, whatever—whenever she got home.

• I couldn’t find the sesame seeds to toast.
• I used way too much oil.
• I used way too much soy sauce (why is there no spout thingy??).

And I could not get a nice photo. (Perhaps the director of photography can try one when she gets home? Probably not.)


But at least I got to eat some meat. A rarity in this house. And it smells really good in here.


  1. I think the spinach looks lovely.

  2. It looks like I commented on my own photo! Hee hee. Thanks, JZ!