Monday, October 18, 2010

Bad Behavior(s)

Still nothing doing at the Feral Casa. I know. WTF? And my scale has started screaming when I get on it. Hmm, what am I doing wrong?

• Should I not pretend it is snowing on a 60-someodd degree October day just so I can have fondue for dinner?

• Should I not drink a lovely bottle of wine with it? You know, the cheese might congeal in my stomach and kill me. I need that wine. It is a safety issue.

• Should I not try two new neighborhood restos in one weekend? Both were excellent. And I had to try lotsa things. I had to.

And I have nothing new to say about roasting veggies either. Except that they sure look more beautiful with the new camera. Nothing. Except that it was genius of me to roast extra potatoes and steam extra string beans last night. And it was genius of me to boil some eggs.

So today I’ll have a nice salad nicoise for lunch. With some fancy-ass tuna we brought home from Italy. And hopefully my scale will shut up.


  1. Please, Feral Cook, tell us more about these two new restaurants. They are so new that their websites are not too informative. And now you have us curious.

  2. Ha. Sorry. No. I don't review restaurants. This blog is about me learning how to cook. But they were both really good.

    Here are some reviews:

  3. Laura and I make fondue for Christmas and New Years Eve dinners. It's so much fun!