Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Root

The other night I had a celery root pot pie with cheddar and whatssit(?). I remarked that the dish had one of my favorite tastes, but I wasn’t sure which ingredient I was diggin’. So JA picked up some celery root at the New Amsterdam Market on Sunday. Crazy lookin’ mutha! Also called celeraic, celery root is linktodescriptionhere. Please, I’m not a food expert...

We also picked up some amazing bread made with Six Point Ale. And some local cheese. And a new case arrived.

And today I made a simple potato, leek soup with celery root. And a side of spinach. We mixed the bread with olive oil and salt and toasted it in the oven. Larger slices we ate with the cheese and wine, smaller ones after with the soup. Delicious!

Did I like the celery root in the soup? Did it add anything? I think so. It is hard to tell. The soup felt like it had a depth that it doesn’t usually have but who can say? It was really, really good! Might’ve been good regardless. It wasn’t much of an effort to deal with the celery root—was just funny to look at. Would I do it again? Yes!

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