Sunday, April 18, 2010



So, we are just about entering the most exciting time of year, yeah you guessed it, soft shell crab season. There are few things that I enjoy more. Soft shell crabs rank up there with ramen, JustAwesome, potato chips and Scout (in no particular order). It’ll be a month before we start seeing them on the streets of Chinatown (and I’ll get to eat them with some regularity) but I just couldn’t wait. I headed west to Citarella to get my fix.

Fans of crabs tend not to cook them at home because it is a little gruesome, if you have a heart. I don’t, I guess. The ones from Citarella, it turned out, were already dead and cleaned (which is a huge no-no to soft shell crab aficionados). But I didn’t know this until I got home. So I cooked ’em up with a small amount of oil after dredging them in a flour/cayenne pepper mixture. And ate. Oh Lordy! So good. I can hardly wait until I get me some more. I’ll re-blog this when I kill and cook them properly.


Incidently, I think the crabs are about 0 WW Points each before the oil/flour.


  1. You inspired me to try soft shell crab - for the FIRST time! Soaked in milk and spices, then dredged in flour, then sauteed in some butter and oil for a couple of minutes. Served over butter lettuce, radishes and scallions! So good! Not bad for a trial run and for being a virgin SSCrab eater!

  2. No way!!! You’ve never had SSC before and you cooked them at home??? I am sooo impressed.

  3. 4/7/11 - Live Soft Shell Crabs are back in at Citarella. You have the option of having them killed and cleaned for you or you can do so at home.