Friday, January 6, 2012

Auntie Feral’s Root Beer Tasting

My niece, Rad Wigs, was coming to town and we wanted to have some fun.
Pizza night, of course. But then JustAwesome confessed that she was feeling JustAwful from her cold so we needed a new plan. And quickly!

And so I present:
Auntie Feral’s Root Beer* Tasting 2012

The Judges:
• Feral Cook, aka Auntie Feral
• Rad Wigs, a nine year old representing the state of Colorado
• JustAwesome, feeling JustAwful

The Categories:
• Smell
• Body
• Flavor
• Sweetness

The Contenders (I know, I did the best I could!):
• Boylans
• Gus
• A&W
• Mug
• C&C
• Stewart’s

The Winner(s):
Believe it or not, A&W and C&C did the best!
Next time, we should make our own root beer!

Some of our notes said:
Not as minty but not as sweet. Thick body, hints of vanilla. Smells like wintergreen.

Root Beer Floats with Adirondack Creamery Vanilla Ice Cream.
(The only nice thing that bodega sells!)

*Root beers came from our local supermarket so...

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