Sunday, November 20, 2011

We Scream for Tissues

This is the most beautiful box of tissues I have ever seen in my whole life. Although not eco-friendly or super-soft, I knew JustAwesome* needed to have these.

Upon seeing them JA said, “Whoa!”

In a conference room at Kleenex headquarters, someone said, “Everyone loves ice cream.” Someone else must’ve chimed in, “YES! Dairy and phlegm.” The intern said, “let’s make it triangular, like an upside-down ice cream cone!”

Bless these thinkers. I love seeing this box of tissues in the house. It makes me smile and reminds me that just because something is really, really stupid, doesn’t mean it isn’t totally awesome and beautiful.

*Your Feral leader uses these. Because she loves the planet and they’re super soft.


  1. Do they come in any other flavors? I'm not crazy about pistachio.

  2. That's mint chocolate chip!! Mmmmm! Scented would be amazing, if you could smell with a cold...