Monday, November 15, 2010

Sunday Sauce

Sauce in Progress. Notice how I am lovingly
hugging the pasta from Eataly!

While I had absolutely nothing to do with last night’s dinner, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention what was without a doubt, hands-down, the best sauce ever to go through the Feral kitchen. JustAwesome has been eager to make the Sunday Sauce from her The Frankies Spuntino Kitchen Companion & Cooking Manual since the book arrived in July. Here is her old post.

While it takes a really long time to cook (the timeline has you starting at 7am, after mass, as Nonna would’ve done), there isn’t actually a ton involved in making this sauce. And the results were phenomenal. Again, this is such a beautiful and funny/sweet cookbook. It’d make a great gift, even for yourself.

Pasta with Frankies’ Sunday Sauce and
Eggplant Marinara (salad and wine not shown)


  1. I've read that recipe and it was a little intimidating. I'm glad to hear that it was worth the trouble.

  2. You tease!! There is no recipe here or there. Will ask Santa for that recipe book, if you insist. XO Maura

  3. Sorry, Maura! Let me know if Santa leaves you high-and-dry and I'll send you one. Well worth it.