Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dinner Deconstructed!

It wasn’t a roaring success, but it sure was fun!

After a nice, summer-acceptable (read: made on stove) winter-y dinner of a cauliflower-onion-carrot-chickpea-snow pea curry (Classic Korma) on short grain brown rice, we felt like heros:

1. We made something with the ingredients in our fridge & cupboard

2. We didn’t order in

3. We had no obvious hero (like, fish or pasta) to work with

It went great with a bottle of Cabernet Franc pulled from our new case of mixed summer reds from September Wines. Mmmm! Feeling good.


Meanwhile, we’re watching a cooking show called Chopped because someone JustAwesome knew from high school was a contestant. The premise: each contestant gets a basket and needs to prepare a course based on those ingredients. It was fun. The guy she knew won.

And not unlike, you know, practically, our dinner. Made from nothing. Tasty and healthy and filling.

So what to make for dessert, with the ingredients in our house?

Leftover vanilla ice cream topped with ground pretzel m&ms, that’s right, ground in our coffee grinder. The result: eh, but I was crackin’ up when she did it. We are luke warm on the m&ms, by the way. They sound better than they taste.

But how good is our coffee going to be tomorrow morning? I'm sure there’ll be some residual...

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