Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Over and Over

Slow start up. I know. I'm nervous about this blog. I read so many bad ones. I don't want to sound like a know-it-all, food-tool, which is mostly what I'm seeing out there on the inter-webs. I don't know anything about food. I just eat it. Obsessively.

I like simple foods and fancy foods. I wake up and plan my food adventures. I don't like to "waste" meals. I won't just eat any old thing. This week I enjoyed my ramen lunch (no Dad, not that kind of ramen) just as much (well, almost) as my dinner at Eleven Madison Park. (That, by the way, is a super-special meal and I highly recommend it.)

I will travel for a special meal — I call them destination dinners. Usually, this means a hand-pulled noodle shop on East Broadway or a lobster roll in the East Village. But I have gone further. Pizza in New Haven? Check. Pizza in Naples? Check. Banh Mi in Vietnam? Check.

Pizza in Naples

I usually bring my lunch when I work on-site, because otherwise I'll never find something that I'll enjoy as much. More on this later. My lunches should win awards. Of course, I've learned everything I know from JustAwesome. She makes every meal special.

So, I'm sure I'll find my way on this blog. Bear with me. It might be all over (and over) the place at first.

As I said before, we get these vegetables delivered every week. It is a great luxury, in a way. It isn't very expensive, it comes right to the door, and it keeps me within the “WW Good Health Guidelines” of Weight Watchers eating. BUT... from the moment I wake up until I go to sleep at night, there is a constant record playing over and over in my head. “We have so many vegetables. What're we going to make with all of these vegetables? We have so many vegetables. What're we going to make with all of these vegetables?” OVER AND OVER. I'm not kidding. Over and over.

And I'm just learning how to cook, so I'm not sure how what I'm learning is going to be helpful or interesting to anyone else. I am remedial, at best.

This week we had Korean-style vegetable rice bowls with a poached egg. Our FIRST poached egg ever. I had roasted some acorn squash and sweet potatoes for the bowl. These went in my lunches as well.

Veggie Bowl with that yummy red Korean sauce

Fish Tacos

Today I made a cole slaw/health salad that my friend Aruna made for us in Costa Rica. We'll use it tonight for our fish tacos, and then later in the week with lunches. I also made a simple carrot/ginger soup. We did pretty well this week using up the veggies, though I had to give away a few odds and ends. Our next batch arrives...momentarily. Sigh.


  1. I love the theme of you using up your weekly box of veggies. Great angle! Blog more, you're fun and funny. And I want you and JustAwesome to take Laura and me on a destination dinner tour the next time we're in NY. Seriously. Especially the budget-themed tour.

  2. And please share more about your lunches. I wish I had lunch-imagination.

  3. That slaw is so 2009. Let's have some 2010 beam-me-up-Scotty slaw.

  4. This is great. I only got a "taste" of your edible adventures through facebook and got me craving more.
    Looking foward to the mix of places to go and contents to prepare in-house.

  5. Of course, you can always make soup with whatever vegetables you have on hand!


  6. I must make some of that korean bowl. I am having serious vegetable guilt right now. You wouldn't believe the organic produce just languishing in my fridge.

  7. Is that a picture of the first poached egg that you made? It's lovely. My first one was such a disaster. It broke up and sank to the bottom of the pot and got stuck to the bottom. Later, I saw some good descriptions of the proper technique on You Tube.

  8. Heya! I'm a friend of Ginny's! Anyway, great blog. I'm in the mood for Korean food tonight. And I like to run around and put fried eggs on everything. It's an excellent, ummm...garnish. Mmmm.

  9. Thanks! Pinknest! I read yours all the time — on a whole different level! Full of yum.