Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pasta Primavera: The Remix

Today’s NYT magazine has 8 recipes by Bittman for pasta primavera. I’m not usually very excited by pasta primavera, which means “springtime pasta”, but once I saw that JustAwesome had picked up some fresh pappardella from Piemonte Ravioli, I was quickly on board!

What I typically don’t like about it at restaurants is that it is usually too many disparate veggies, none of which I’m very interested in. And it always seems soggy and tasteless. Bittman simplifies it and adds a little kick.

Pappardella with peas, pecorino, chili and mint.
Soooo good. Clean and simple.

I hope it is springtime long enough to try the other 7 recipes. Fortunately, we have enough for leftovers tonight.

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