Monday, August 30, 2010

Shame shame shame...

Chilean Sea Bass

Ok, I have something to confess (hanging Feral head in shame). My favorite fish to cook at home is Chilean Sea Bass. I know, I KNOW! It is not technically on the endangered species list anymore but I probably shouldn’t be eating it. If it was a really dire situation, Whole Foods & Fresh Direct wouldn’t sell it. Right?

It is SOOOO yummy. And I really don’t eat very much of it. And, I’m a very good person. As a New Yorker, my carbon footprint is practically minute. Sometimes I remember to offset my carbon emissions. I recycle, I use green products, I’ve removed myself from mailing lists. I’ve reduced my plastic waste dramatically (since my Lunch post). I carry bags, I shop locally. I tell everyone I know to rent No Impact Man (available on Netflix). Really, I’m good. But I love me some Patagonian Toothfish. I am a flawed human person.

A standard dinner in the Feral rotation is Chilean Sea Bass (broiled), potato (boiled? roasted?), greens (usually sautéed in garlic), maybe a salad. But, alas, I have just “discovered” potato salad. Bittman has an easy recipe with scallion or onion, parsley, and a mustard vinaigrette. I hate mayo, so I never really considered adding potato salad to my repertoire. Until now. Really easy and perfect on a hot day (and for lunches later in the week).

Potato Salad

I’d give you the recipe but I am not a copyright infringer—just a fish killer. And really? You should own at least one Bittman cookbook. JustAwesome swears by the iPhone app, too. Hopefully, I didn’t overcook the potatoes and she likes my potato salad.


  1. Ooh--today we had turbot. Which is skinnier than Chilean Sea Bass but pretty similar in taste. Apparently turbot in the US is really 'Pacific Halibut' and is an 'approved fish.' And it was cheap at Fairway today. I don't judge on the fish thing, but if the guilt starts to infringe on your gustatory enjoyment...

  2. Oh--that was me above. Penny.

  3. Let's see if this works...
    I said:
    Don't feel bad, Jodiah. It's just a little piece of fish.

  4. At least you can sleep at night, I had a bite of veal two weeks ago. I'm going to a VERY BAD place. ~ Tami

  5. Mmm, potatoes with mustard vinaigrette! What Bittman cookbook do you recommend?

  6. I got the potato salad recipe from How to Cook Everything Vegetarian. We also own Food Matters and How to Cook Everything, well if my Feral Sister ever returns it.

    There is a How to Cook Everything iphone app too.